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PROTECT OUR NEIGHBORHOODS! is a group of local residents within the neighborhoods that will be affected by the current clean-up plans. We are a political activist group dedicated to the preservation and protection of the health and welfare of our neighborhoods and families. Our primary goal is to ensure that any remedial alternative instituted in our neighborhoods is maximally safe, effective and beneficial to all residents. We believe it is unreasonable and unacceptable to expect the residential neighborhoods to bear the burden and risks for a problem that has been allowed to spread over the course of several decades, when public areas are available. We currently oppose the MDEQ-proposed leading edge pipeline and well network because:
It does not make sense to extract dioxane within neighborhoods that are distant from the original site of contamination when the core areas and adjacent public and/or commercial areas have not been successfully addressed.
Pumping a probable carcinogen from deep underground to within a few feet of the surface within a residential area could be hazardous to the health and welfare of our families.
We are not convinced that the integrity of the pipeline system that would carry this carcinogen could be adequately guaranteed (i.e. leaks, damages during future road/sewer work, etc.)
The scientific basis for “leading edge” remediation is questionable, especially within a highly populated residential area.
Similar “leading edge” solutions already utilized in the Evergreen neighborhood have been largely ineffective.
We categorically oppose the loss of private property owners’ rights as part of any remedial alternative.

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Protect Our Neighborhoods! is not aligned with any group, agency or organization to the exclusion of others. While we feel that our goal and position may work in concert with others, we do not attempt to speak for or represent any position and/or goal other than our own as listed in the Protect Our Neighborhoods! position statement