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The Action Alerts are designed to assist anyone interested in connecting with his or her representatives. Most important is the contact list. Use it to connect with your elected representatives and or others involved to express your opinion and concerns.

Use our Action Alert sample letters if they reflect your thoughts and can save you time constructing a letter.

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Political Contact Info
MDEQ Email:
Governor Jennifer Granholm (Click on “contact the governor”)
Attorney General Mike Cox Email:
Senator Carl Levin (Link to contact page)
Senator Debbie Stabenow Email:
Representative John Dingell
(Link to his site, please click "send an email message…" once there)
State Senator Liz Brater Email:
State Representative Chris Kolb Email:
County Commissioner Vivienne N. Armentrout Email:
(Serves on the Intergovernmental Partnership Committee for Gelman Groundwater Remediation Plan)
Drain Commissioner Janis Bobrin Email:
Mayor John Hieftje Email:
City Council Member Christopher Easthope Email:
City Council Member Wendy Ann Woods Email:
To e-mail Mayor and all members of council, use this link: Email: Mayor and Council

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Protect Our Neighborhoods! is not aligned with any group, agency or organization to the exclusion of others. While we feel that our goal and position may work in concert with others, we do not attempt to speak for or represent any position and/or goal other than our own as listed in the Protect Our Neighborhoods! position statement